The story behind this great idea

Once upon a time... a small team of fellow developers got tired of current digital marketplace solutions. They harvested code from different places on the land of the Internets for so long... Keeping track of upstream updates was a nightmare, until now!

The issue we found

Current marketplaces are outdated and do not embrace today's technologies. While nearly every open-source project uses GitHub® and BitBucket® to manage their code, premium code projects still lack behind with zip files...

Our solution

A marketplace built on top of Git to help sellers manage their products code and buyers to merge and update it into their existing projects.

Our motto

Make selling code great again

We think that code you buy to help you complete a project faster should not be treated as second-hand material. You should be able to update and merge these libraries, themes or plugins easily with your existing code.

We also think that code you sell should be held to high standards and rewarded as such. Refining and updating your code will also be highlighted by our algorithm and yield higher revenues and demand for your services.

This philosophy provides the foundation for our goal: to disrupt an industry that severely needs it.

Who we are?

Trinary Inc.

Trinary is an Internet startup incubator, located in Montréal (Québec), Canada. Created by developers with more than 10 years of experience in Web technologies. We aim to provide technical expertise, IT consultation and code to young startups.


Coming soon

While we're in beta, only individual storefront's are available. We are planning to launch the marketplace later, once the beta is completed.

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