What is GitMarket®?

GitMarket® is the world 1st and only marketplace for buying
and selling code
using private Git repositories.

Monetize your code; WordPress® themes and plugins, HTML/CSS templates, Libraries and
Snippets of any kind. (Supported languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Rust, Go, etc...)

Why choose GitMarket®?

  • Easily Import Your Existing Code

    From GitHub®, GitLab® and Bitbucket® private repo

  • Multiple Licensing Options

    Choose between Regular or Extended license

  • International Payout Supported

    Get paid in your own currency

  • Earn 70% On Each Sale

    We keep our fees low so you can get more

  • No Exclusivity Lock-In

    Sell everywhere you want: we're not the greedy type

  • Design your Storefront

    Customize your shop's look and feel

Flexible Payment Methods

200+ countries

Get paid wherever you are

150+ currencies

Choose your currency

25+ payment methods

Bank transfers, cash pick-up, prepaid card...

Manage your shop


Customize Your Storefront

  • Choose your logo, colors and background
  • Track your recent activities
  • Easy-to-use Wysiwyg editor

Interact With Your Customers

Answer questions and comments with our simple and easy messaging system and get notified in your favorite chat application and support system.


Powerful Dashboard

  • Daily/weekly/monthly income stats
  • Custom reports extract
  • Track your visitors
  • Public API (under developement)

Google Analytics

We support great technologies

Git GitHub Bitbucket GitLab

Coming soon

While we're in beta, only individual storefronts are available. We are planning to launch the marketplace later, once beta testing is complete.

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